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Shipwreck DVDs

Buy any DVD for $30 plus $5 postage. Buy 2 or more DVDs/books for $25 dollars each plus $10 postage. Contact Max to place an order.

To view preview the DVDs you can visit our Gallery page.

dvd-shipwrecks of truk lagoon-Vol-1

The Shipwrecks Of Truk Lagoon - Vol 1 "The Classics"

Divers are drawn from all over the world to the shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon. In February 1944 “Operation Hailstone” rained down on the Japanese supply fleet, sinking over 60 ships.  This DVD covers 15 of the “classic” shipwrecks, the ships at the top of every diver’s list. A 15th chapter covers aeroplane wrecks.

Clever use of segments of American war footage shot in colour is embedded into the stories, adding to the historical content of the story.

Special attention is given to the “Queen of Truk Lagoon”, the San Francisco Maru. Running for approximately 20 minutes, this chapter is a stunning journey from the bow to the stern.

Taking over 100 dives to shoot, “The Classics” is the ultimate souvenir for any diver who has been or wants to go to Truk Lagoon, or anyone interested in World War II history.

Shipwrecks covered are: Aikoku Maru, Fujikawa Maru, Fumizuki destroyer, Futigami salvage tug, Heian Maru, Hoki Maru, Kensho Maru, Nippo Maru, Rio De Janeiro Maru, Shinkoku Maru, San Francisco Maru, Sankisan Maru, Gosei Maru, Unkai Maru No 6 and Yamagiri Maru, and Aircraft wrecks.

Run time approx. 2h 15 m

dvd-ghost ships of the coast run

Ghost Ships of the Coast Run

This DVD recalls the loss of two “sixty miler” colliers, the Woniora and the Birchgrove Park and the passenger cargo steamer, Bega. Historical photographs and movie footage of the time recreate the scenes that led to each disaster. Spectacular underwater footage lets you join the divers as they venture up to 80 metres beneath the sea to film the wrecks as they are today, their artifacts and the surrounding marine life.

DVD approx 1 hour run time

DVD Cover-the seal rocks and ss catterthun

 The Seal Rocks & S.S. Catterthun

In 1895 the S.S. Catterthun struck the Little Seal Rock, south of Forster NSW and foundered with a loss of 55 lives. Lost with the ship was a cargo of approximately 9,000 sovereigns. The following year divers recovered most of them in what was then the deepest salvage ever recorded.

The wreck lying in 60 metres of water off Sugarloaf point is arguably the greatest story in the maritime history of NSW. For over a decade this exceptionally well-maintained and manned ship successfully navigated the perils of the Great Barrier Reef and China Seas. Tragically she was “sacrificed” with many of her complement despite the warning from the Seal Rocks Lighthouse.

The documentary features footage of the wreck and deals with the mystery of what happened to the remaining 800 sovereigns left behind by the salvage divers. Also covered is the maritime history of the Seal Rocks area, including the losses of other ships, notably the S.S. Satara, and the area’s grey nurse shark population, a huge drawcard for divers.

DVD 30 minutes run time.

dvd-the tragic trio

The Tragic Trio

The Tragic Trio recalls the events surrounding a short but disastrous period in Australia’s maritime history. Between December 1918 and May 1919 three colliers foundered within sight of the NSW coastline. The sudden losses of the Undola, Myola and Tuggerah took the lives of 26 men and led to a Royal Commission into the operations of the coal ships running between Sydney, Newcastle and the Illawarra coal fields.

Stunning underwater footage of the shipwrecks and their associated marine life combined with archival film and images recreates the events of each disaster, examining the individual wreck sites for evidence that may have led to the loss of the “sixty milers”.

DVD approx 1 hour run time