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Australian Shipwreck Books

Max has combined his passion for Australian maritime history, his love of wreck diving and award winning photography to produce a trilogy on NSW shipwrecks and a book on Australia’s premier wreck dive, the S.S. Yongala. Each book provides a rich insight into Australian maritime history using historical photographs, colour underwater shots of the wrecks as they are today and detailed accounts of what led to each disaster.

Buy any book for $30 plus $5 postage. Buy 2 or more books/DVDs for $25 each plus $10 postage.  Contact Max to place an order.

ss yongala

S.S. Yongala - Townsville's Titanic

On the Afternoon of March 23, 1911 the Adelaide Steamship Company’s steamer Yongala left Mackay, North Queensland bound for Townsville, Queensland. Within hours all 121 passengers and crew were lost when the ship encountered a fierce cyclone. This book has a fascinating look at the final hours leading up to Yongala’s loss and the discovery of her final resting place many years later.

Includes an 8 page colour section of underwater photography.

Hard cover, 120 pages.

the vanished fleet of the sydney coastline

The Vanished Fleet of the Sydney Coastline

This book covers 15 shipwrecks in the waters around the Sydney coastline. Wrecks are the Woniora, Duckenfield, Royal Shepherd, Hilda, Tekapo, Kelloe, Nemesis, Undola, Tuggerah, Myola, Annie M Miller, Malabar, Minmi, Bombo and Birchgrove Park.  Using the testimony from each Court of Marine Inquiry, it recounts many remarkable personalities, stories of survival, tragedy and bad luck, and court room drama.

Includes a 16 page colour section of underwater photography and the marine life and many historical photos of the ships.

Soft cover, 168 pages.

shipwrecks storms seamen of the new south wales coast

Shipwrecks, Storms & Seamen of the NSW Coast

This book covers 11 shipwrecks from Coffs Harbour, down to the far South Coast of NSW. Wrecks included are the Cawarra, Keilawarra, Catterthun, Oakland, Bega, Advance, Currajong, Satara, Macleay, Wandra and the Merimbula. The book tells many remarkable stories that took place within sight of the coastline.

Includes an 8 page colour section of underwater photography and many historical photos.

Soft cover, 168 pages.

destination never reached

Destination Never Reached

The last book in the series details the loss of 12 ships that foundered along the NSW coast. Wrecks included are the Dandenong, Barrabool, Lady Darling, Austral, New England, Ly-ee-Moon., Alhambra, Merksworth, Maitland, Hereward, Nerong and the Fitzroy.

Includes an 8 page colour section of underwater photography and historical photos on every second page.

Soft cover, 168 pages.